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Cubicost Q&A —— You Own Online Service Platform

Hello everyone,

When you are in the process of using software if you ever meet the flowing situation?

1. Forget the operating process of the software.

2. Could not find the position of the function button.

3. Could not remember how to operate some functions.

4. Could not handle complex component.

Don’t worry , Cubicost Q&A will help you.

In order to improve the experiences of using software, reduce the learning costs of applying software, and also provide customer a convenient way to solve software operation problems, Glodon International Department launch our first Internet products. This product significantly realizes the Customer-Centered idea of Glodon.

This product may link customers directly to our programmer and software analysts, and send us the feedback which may contain software problems in daily use and any suggestions about software.


We set a small Q&A program in each software, you can ask any questions and tell us any requirements at any time in the process of using our software, and we will have the corresponding service personnel to help you.

When you ask question by using software, You can upload Picture ,add attachments and screenshot to help you describe your question.


When you submit your question, the software will pop-up log in window.  It is free to Glodon cloud account to login directly, or you can use your email address to register, according to the photos bellow.

Step 3

After you asked questions, we will have the corresponding service personnel to help you .When you see the Q&A procedure appears red digital logo, which means someone has answered your question, and you can click the question to see the answer.


If one answer can help to solve your question, please click "adopt answer". If the question is not resolved, you can use supplement to supply your question.

Step 5

If you have any problems by using Q&A program or suggest a few tips, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to help. You can click ‘Feed Back’ button (at the upper right corner) to give us your feedback.

When asking questions on this program, it will show up in the BBS automatically to generate a Q&A pool. Later, we will launch our BBS, you can communicate with other clients from different countries.

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