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Royal Institute of Surveyors Malaysia Half Day CPD Talk held at the Olive Tree Hotel, Penang

In conjunction with the 24th RISM Annual General Meeting, RISM has organized a half day sharing session among the industry professionals. The talk was divided into three sessions: Session 1- “How to be a BIMQS”; Session 2- “The Strata Title Act”; Session 3- “Green BioTechnology & Solution”.

Glodon Malaysia was graciously given the opening session of the day. Representing Glodon (M) and speaker of the day was Mr, Chew Siak Kor with for the title “How to be a BIMQS”. The aim of the talk is to provide QS with some insight regarding the advancement of BIM in the QS profession and how to cope with the changes. Over 50 QS from different levels attended the talk for our session.

Mr. Kor explained the overview of BIM concept in the industry and also introduced Cubicost to the attendees.

The intention of introducing Cubicost is that by utilizing Cubicost in their practice, QS will be able to lessen time taken to complete measurement works and produce accurate estimates at the same time. Mr Kor also highlighted the importance of upgrading one’s self to be suited to utilize BIM in the industry. After the talk, there was a short Q&A session between the audience and Mr. Kor.

Attendees received the talk with much interest as there were QS that approached Mr. Kor to inquire more about Cubicost after the talk.

Even though we were only given a one hour time frame to share, Mr Kor has managed to spark the QS interest regarding BIMQS and Cubicost. 

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