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Glodon’s Socialization & Training in ITI

On March 22, 2017, Glodon Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian Technology Institute (ITI) has organized a CUBICOST Seminar which was attended by approximately 175 participants.

The event begins at 1:30 pm opens with video views of BIM (Building Information Modeling) from Glodon, then continued with the opening speech of the Chairman Prodi Machine Mrs. Dr. Tris Dewi Indrawati, ST, MT, then Mrs. Dr. Ir. Dwita Swastiyanti, M.St as a chairman of the Electrical Prodi, and Mr. Ir. Amran Baharudin, MT of Civil Engineering.

The event was followed by a discussion of BIM in general by Professor Krishna Mochtar as a Professor of Civil Engineering at ITI. Representatives from Glodon Indonesia which also a speaker in this event was Mr. Rano Naidoo.

Mr. Rano explained about BIM is suggestive either for the Mechanical or Electrical. The explanation that given was quite simple with giving the illustration that can be easily captured by the students. Mr. Rano also explain about the function, purpose and application of CUBICOST Software TME in construction fields. The event more interesting when they’re opened the question and answer session of ITI students.

The event ended with students registering for the training of Glodon as one of the companies that provide Software that is integrated with BIM (Building Information Modeling).

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