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Glodon’s Socialization & Training in Inkindo

On Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Glodon International Pte, Ltd held socialization and training for introduce the software (software) in the field of construction, especially for the calculation of quantity (Cubicost). Socialization and training is held in the seminar room Inkindo Jakarta, located in Jalan Kalibata with the aim to introduce information modeling in the construction world based technology.

The event is divided into two parts. The first part is the socialization and the second is the introduction of the use of software training Cubicost. Where the event was attended by a delegation of members of INKINDO Jakarta as many as 40 participants.

This socialization event opened with an introduction by Mr. Yudi (Secretary of Inkindo), then continued with introduced a system and concept-based technology which is Information Building Modeling (BIM) by Prof. Krishna Mochtar (Lecturer in Civil Engineering ITI). He will became final speaker about how software quantity role in improving the productivity of companies. The trainer for quantity calculation software (Cubicost) is Rano Naidoo (Consultant Service Glodon International Pte Ltd).

This activity became more excited when we start a CUBICOST Software training. All participants is pay attention and very enthusiast. The models for created in introductory training is a simple house with elements of foundations, columns, beams, walls, doors and windows. Introductory training only lasts from 1pm until 3.30pm with satisfactory results and closed with a gain volume calculated from the model that has been identified from the input-an AutoCAD drawing.

At the end of the activities, all of the participants received a certificate of INKINDO Jakarta as a form of fabric of cooperation between INKINDO Jakarta and Glodon International Pte Ltd.

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