Glodon's Debut in PAQS Speeds up Its Internationalization Progress

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The 18th Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors Congress is held by the Hong Kong Institutes of Surveyors in Hong Kong between June 7 to June 10, 2014. The theme of this congress is “Think Outside the Box, Meet New Challenges”. Many hot topics in the industry, such as urban planning, green procurement, BIM, sustainable development and life cycle costing, etc. are discussed in the congress, to enhance the international exchanges and cooperation between peers.

The PAQS is an international association of the quantity surveying and cost engineering profession in the Asia and Western Pacific region. Its congress attracts the attention of enterprises, experts and scholars all over the world every year. As a national association in engineering cost industry, China Engineering Cost Association (CECA) has always been committed to promoting the sound and sustainable development of China’s engineering cost industry, and actively participates in PAQS events. This year CECA sends delegates to the congress as usual. Moreover, the Director of CECA, Xu Huiqin, is selected as the rotating chairman of the board of directors of PAQS Congress 2014, which greatly expands the international influence of China’s engineering cost industry and Chinese professionals.

Since the establishment of PAQS Congress, it is widely participated by organizations and professionals in the engineering cost industry from China and other countries, and has developed into an important platform for the communication and cooperation of the Asia-Pacific engineering cost industry. As the diamond sponsor, Glodon designates Director and Vice President Dr. Yuan Zhenggang, Vice President Liu Qingni, Vice President Liu Qian, etc. to attend the congress. Dr. Yuan Zhenggang, as the guest speaker, gives a keynote speech with the theme of “In-depth Exploration of BIM” in the plenary meeting in the afternoon of June 10. Besides, two BIM experts from Glodon, Huang Menggang and Wang Pengyi give keynote speeches with the themes of “A Case Study of BIM-Based Project Management for General Contractors” and “Application of BIM in the Lean Construction Project Management” separately in BIM sessions. The three speeches summarize the decisive factors of BIM by analyzing its key points, propose feasible plans based on Glodon’s BIM study and application, and demonstrate how BIM application saves cost and improves efficiency in engineering project via actual cases.

As the backbone in China’s construction IT industry, Glodon launched its internationalization in 2009, and has established subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore to promote the development of Southeast Asian market, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, etc. The participation of this congress is a new milestone for Glodon’s internationalization after the acquisition of Progman Oy in Finland, which will further strengthen its influence in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific region and bring positive influences to its internationalization and globalization. 
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Glodon Invites You to Join RICS QS and Construction Conference 2015
Glodon Invites You to Join RICS QS and Construction Conference 2015.Glodon Invites You to Join RICS QS and Construction Conference 2015.Glodon Invites You to Join RICS QS and Construction Conference 2015
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